Who is a Good First Church Children’s Serve Team Member?

Serving and leading in the children’s ministry is less intimidating than it once was. An adult serve team member at First Church does not need to be a skilled teacher, have hours of time to prep materials, or need any advance experience.

Rather, we hope to instill God’s truth and demonstrate God’s love to those little ones through:

  • Small and large group, adult-facilitated activities
  • Fun and engaging scripture exploration
  • Meaningful worship through music, visual aids, and memory verses
  • Fun and engaging activities, focusing on God’s love for us

The scripture tells us, ”Train up a child in the way he should go, And even when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

In the past, a Sunday school teacher often reminded you of a school teacher. They had to be skilled and creative at bringing the Bible stories alive as well as crafty and able to lead music.  Now, we look for those who are willing to listen more than speak. We want small group leaders who explore the Bible for answers with the kids rather than have prepared answers. We start our time together with fellowship where our team members build relationships through games, stories about the children’s week, and listening to their jokes (which often start with the punchline). A great team member encourages and takes the kids seriously. But also laughs with them so they see the joy and importance of Christian fellowship.

You can be a valuable member of the First Church Children’s Serve Team if:

  1. You sense God’s calling on your life to work with children;
  2. You have moved into a personal relationship with God;
  3. You love children; and
  4. You desire to impact children by showing God’s love and mercy to them.

Our Serve Team members generally serve one Sunday a month. Take a minute this week to seek God’s calling. You are welcome to sit in a classroom and observe for a Sunday. Observing can help you know if the Children’s Serve Team is the right fit for you. If God is calling you to serve as a small group leader in one of our classrooms, contact me and I will help you set up an observation time. 

Pastor Mindy Nuhfer
First Church Children’s Pastor

Children’s Serve Team: Sarah Bittner, Kathy Rossey, Pastor Mindy, Kelly Berringer and Emily Deeter

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