Seek Him and Know Him Better in 2020

Many resources are available as you seek to be closer to the Lord and to know Him better in the new year.

The Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is God’s power in your life.  Wake up and remind yourself that God dwells in you and is at work in your life.  Listen for His prompting to share your faith, love boldly, give generously and to make big transformative changes that will lead you to life more abundant.  Make this the year you trust the Spirit is at work in your life on a daily basis.

Your Bible.  Make this the year you read through your Bible.  Of course, you can read your paper Bible.  If you don’t have one, take one from our pews.  You can have it.  If you prefer to read on your phone or device there are so many apps available.  The most popular is simply called the “Bible” app.  Personally, I like to read from a paper Bible so I don’t get distracted, but I track my reading through this app.  My father-in-law listened to the Bible through this app twice last year—there’s an option!

If you’re not going to read through the entire Bible in a year (be honest with yourself).  Commit to read through the New Testament.  There are 260 chapters in the New Testament.  Read a chapter a day.  Then meditate on it, and trust that God will speak to you during that time. Listen for God’s voice as you read (remember the Holy Spirit is at work). 

Prayer. Take time to seek God in prayer.   Take time each day to share your love of God with God.  Confess your sin so that he can cleanse you of it.  Thank him for his work in your life and ask him to meet your needs and the needs of others.  Doing this can change your life.  If you do this, you will find yourself loving God more, growing in righteousness and caring more for others. 

The church.  God is present where his people gather.  Commit to gathering with his people just as his first followers did.  Only then will the message of Jesus abide in you as deeply as it should (Col. 3:16).  Sunday mornings, our weekly Growth Groups and Serve Teams are great (I’d even say necessary) for your spiritual growth.

RightNow Media. If you prefer to watch videos, this is a great resource available to you as a member of our church.  You will find teachings on marriage, finances, parenting, youth, recovery, leadership and more.  For access go to:

The Church Library. You probably didn’t know we had one. It’s no large, but there are many resources in it. It’s in room 104. Feel free to borrow a book and return it when you are done.

Here are some other general resources you might be interested in:

2020 Pastors Classes.  I will offer a “Life Purposes” class in January to help you set and achieve your 2020 goals.  Starting in March, I will teach a class called “Basics” where we will cover the basics of Christianity.  In the fall, I will offer a leadership class.  Feel free to invites friends to these classes.  For the dates, please check our church calendar. 

The First Church Blog.  You are reading it now.  Keep reading it and subscribe! 

The First Church Podcast.  Go here and please subscribe:

The First Church Messages.  If you miss a Sunday you can listen to the sermons on the website or through iTunes.  

Breeze.  Breeze is our online directory.  To sign-up for Breeze please email and ask to sign-up for Breeze.

I hope you take advantage of these resources in 2020 to help you get closer to the Lord and realize He is at work in your life daily.

Josh Deeter, Lead Pastor, First Church Tallmadge

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