Clarity During “COVID Chaos”

During what I call the “COVID Chaos,” it is difficult to keep up with everything and everyone. I want to take a moment to update you concerning our church and provide clarity on some topics I get questions about most often.

Children’s Ministry

Beginning this Sunday, September 13, we will offer a special children’s message and active learning time (games, small group chats, or hands-on activities). Children will be dismissed and taken to the gym before the sermon begins. The gym is a large, open space and we will take several reasonable precautions while they are together. If you would like your child to participate, please arrive early to check in at the Children’s Ministry Desk. All Serve Team Members must wear masks, but we do not require children under 10 to wear one. If you prefer your child wears a mask, just let a team member know at check-in. We will place a sticker on your child’s nametag to indicate your preference.

If you are still uncomfortable with your children being with others, you are more than welcome to keep them with you in the service!

Seating and Social Distancing

The past few Sundays we have gotten closer to capacity seating as we try to remain social distanced. We are keeping an eye on this number and the space in the room. If we reach capacity (which is less than half of what we can actually seat), we will ask some of our willing members to watch the Livestream together in an overflow room in either the Lobby or the Youth Room. If this happens on a regular basis, we will return to two services. Please register for service here.

Cameras and Livestreaming

We are always glad to see people tune into our Facebook Live services! However, we have had difficulties with the consistency of Facebook Live. This being the case, we plan to install a new system in the near future. Right now our cameras are on backorder and we expect them to arrive and be installed by the beginning of October. This should improve both the quality and the dependability of the streaming.

Growth Groups and Discipleship Groups

We encourage you to continue meeting in your group according to the level of your comfort and ability. We strive to be a church of groups and I am always heartened to hear how people in our church have encouraged and supported each other through the past year. If you are not a member of a Growth Group and would like to be or would like more information, please go here. If you are interested in leading a Growth Group, please watch this training video and then email me at to let me know you’d like to lead a group. If you’d like to lead a Discipleship Group watch this video and then email me at

Opportunities for Fellowship

Growth Groups:
Meet throughout the week.

Sunday Morning Service: 10:45 a.m.

Women’s Breakfast:
Sept. 26 at 9:15 a.m. at the Church pavilion

Women’s Bible Study: Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m.
starting Sept. 29.
Will meet in the pavilion weather permitting; otherwise in the church lobby with masks if needed.

Worship and Movie Night: Sept. 19 at 7 p.m. at the Church pavilion. Bring a chair, snacks and friends!

Men’s Breakfast:
Oct. 3 at 9:15 a.m. in the pavilion. If bad or cold weather, meet in the gym.


As of now we are still spending less than we are receiving! Overall, we are a financially healthy church; however, since the pandemic our giving has decreased. At the current rate, we will not meet the goal set in our budget. We presume this is from financial hardships some are experiencing as well as lower attendance. First, we ask that if you know of anyone who needs financial help or help with food please have them contact the Church and we will do what we can to help. Second, we ask that you continue to give by faith so we can carry out our mission to make sure everyone Knows God, Belongs, Lives with Purpose and that we can Spread God’s Love. You can give online or by sending a check to the Church.

Prayer Requests

The power of prayer is undeniable. We encourage you to share your stories of how prayer has impacted you or someone you know. We also ask that you please share your prayers and prayer requests with us! No request is too small. Our Lord Himself said, “Ask, and you shall receive” (John 16:24). Your requests become that much more powerful when others are praying for you as well. It is a truly divine form of charity to pray for others! Click here to share your prayer request with us.

Finally, there is much more happening with our church at the moment. If you have any questions please call or email and we will do what we can to help, answer questions or pray for you.

Jesus is the Subject,

Pastor Josh
Lead Pastor, First Church of God Tallmadge

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