Candid Conversations on Race Between Two Ordinary Pastors

In case you missed it, Pastor Bryndon Glass, the founding pastor of SPAN Ministries in Tallmadge, and I discussed some of the current issues concerning race. We have a relationship spanning more than six years, which has fostered multiple conversations on racial-reconciliation and justice. The goal of these podcasts is to model what it looks like to have a candid, honest and grace-filled conversation about our differences and similarities in the way we view race, justice and the black and white church. In some ways, we hope these conversations serve as an example for others to model in and outside of the church.

I hope you find that we speak to each other out of an abundance of Christian brotherhood and love. We assume the best about each other. We see one another as fellow learners and people who want to put Jesus first. These podcasts, simply, are conversations about race between two ordinary pastors.

Podcasts: Candid Conversations on Race

Candid Conversations on Race 1: Introduction
Candid Conversations on Race 2: Differences in the Black and White Church
Candid Conversations on Race 3: Politics, BLM, Policing and More

Pastor Josh
Lead Pastor, First Church of God Tallmadge

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