We Love Our Missionaries

Serving as full-time missionaries in Sacatepequez, Guatemala are Danny and Kim Lopez serve as full-time missionaries in Guatemala with their three children pictured above: Brianna, Brayden and Daimy.

Let me introduce you to Danny and Kim Lopez.

Their family serves as independent missionaries to the country of Guatemala. I first met Danny when he was a youth minister in Alabama, before he was called to foreign missions. Shortly after he left Alabama to move to Guatemala, I was invited to bring my youth ministry to help with the mission. We were the first group to visit Danny almost nine years ago.

I’ve always felt very strongly…that we have to build solid relationships and friends. Remember, I am a Gringo. They have to trust me and know that I’m not there just to make a promise and leave and never come back. It’s very important to build that trust and keep that trust. And then I can share the gospel.

Danny Lopez,

Since then, I have traveled with several groups to work alongside Danny and his family. Danny’s ministry is so impactful and refreshing. He ministers with his heart, his head and his hands. He expects everyone who visits him to do so as well. I love visiting Danny and introducing people to his ministry for this reason. Along with the information below I hope you will find our conversation helpful and encouraging.

In this video we talk about his ministry, challenges, dealing with having Covid-19 while in Guatemala and what he enjoys most about his ministry.

Watch on our YouTube channel
Listen to the podcast
Learn more about their ministry
Donate to FAITH PROMISE (First Church Mission Giving)

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