Lay Leadership in Bolivia the Key to Growing Churches

This is the third installment in our series “We Love our Missionaries.” In this post Pastor Josh talks with Paul and Kattia Jones in Bolivia.

Paul and Kattia serve alongside the national church through biblical and ministerial training of lay church leaders. Paul does regular itinerant preaching and evangelism at weekend camp meetings, known as juntas that take place on the date of the churches’ anniversaries. Kattia works with the women’s groups, teaching conferences both locally and nationally. And she supports the youth in youth camps and conferences; and also ministering to children through puppets and other visual aids.

In my interview with the Jones we discuss what they enjoy most about their ministry and their challenges. I found their commentary on how involved lay people are in the leadership and ministry very interesting and conducive to planting and starting churches.

You feel like you belong. The beautiful thing here in Bolivia is that everybody participates, everybody has a role to play in the church. It’s all hands on deck. You feel like you belong.

Paul Jones

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