Missionaries Remain in Thailand During COVID-19

This is the fourth installment in our series “We Love our Missionaries.” In this post, Pastor Josh talks with Don Armstrong in Asia-Pacific.

In my interview with Don Armstrong we discuss what they enjoy most about their ministry and their challenges. I think it is interesting when Don speaks about what so many have to give up when they declare Jesus as Lord in their culture. He also asked for prayer for the Church in Hong Kong as China begins to absorb Hong Kong into it the Chinese regime and state-run church.

As regional coordinators for Asia and the Pacific, Don and Caroline travel extensively throughout the region, working in collaboration with national leaders to develop regional ministry strategies and country-specific strategies, cultivating relationships within the Church of God across Asia and the Pacific, connecting the church across the region. They also oversee projects and missionaries in the region, providing pastoral care and supervision.

Thailand is a Buddhist country and they have a king. It’s a monarch. He’s like the Pope. To be non-Buddhist is disloyal. It’s like turning your back on your king, your national religion. It’s like being a traitor.

Don Armstrong

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