What Does Jesus Say to Those With Their Backs Against the Wall?

Series: Jesus and the Disinherited, Part 1 of 5

Pastor Josh Deeter from First Church Tallmadge and Pastor Bryndon Glass from SPAN Ministries discuss Howard Thurman’s book, “Jesus and the Disinherited,” in this part 1 of 5 podcast series.

I have been told MLK carried two books with him at all times—the Bible and Howard Thurman’s “Jesus and the Disinherited.” In this podcast series, we are discussing a book and an author who had a great impact on MLK.

Thurman’s book seeks to answer the questions of, “What does Jesus have to say to those with their backs against the wall?” By this, he speaks to what Jesus has to say to those who are the poor, the disinherited, and the dispossessed. Pastor Glass from SPAN ministries and I work through this book together in this series. We will address what Thurman has to say about fear, deception, hate and love.

Feel free to grab this book yourself and read along with our conversations. We will release the podcast and video each week for the next 5 weeks covering each chapter.

Listen to the Podcast
Watch on Youtube

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