How is Your Soul?

Article by Carl Stagner, writer at Church of God Ministries. Recently Carl Stagner of reached out to me and other pastors with a series of questions concerning soul-care. I shared his article a few days ago. Below are more thorough responses to my thoughts on caring for your soul. Don’t neglect your soul. It … Continue reading How is Your Soul?

We Love Our Missionaries

Serving as full-time missionaries in Sacatepequez, Guatemala are Danny and Kim Lopez serve as full-time missionaries in Guatemala with their three children pictured above: Brianna, Brayden and Daimy. Let me introduce you to Danny and Kim Lopez. Their family serves as independent missionaries to the country of Guatemala. I first met Danny when he was … Continue reading We Love Our Missionaries

We Love Our Missionaries

Christy, Sofie and Daniel Kihm, missionaries to Europe and Middle East. I want to introduce you to Dan and Christy Kihm, missionaries who live in Budapest, Hungary.  They spend most of their time pouring into church leaders across Europe and the Middle East. They are one of 12 mission families or organizations we support monthly … Continue reading We Love Our Missionaries

Candid Conversations on Race Between Two Ordinary Pastors

Candid, honest and grace-filled conversation about race between two ordinary pastors. Open your hearts and listen. We do not have a moment to waste!

Clarity During “COVID Chaos”

During what I call the “COVID Chaos,” it is difficult to keep up with everything and everyone. I want to take a moment to update you concerning our church and provide clarity on some topics I get questions about most often. Children’s Ministry Beginning this Sunday, September 13, we will offer a special children's message … Continue reading Clarity During “COVID Chaos”

Student Ministry Service Project July 2020

Service Project Team left to right: Pastor Doug, Wade, Grace, Maddie and Susan. This year’s International Youth Convention in Orlando was canceled due to COVID-19. However, I didn’t want to cancel our service project in Tampa. We had planned for the students to help retired pastor and Army/Airforce veteran (and my Grandpa), John William, age … Continue reading Student Ministry Service Project July 2020

8 Quick Thoughts from Pastor Josh About Our Church and Covid

I write this post to get some quick thoughts out. Remember, they are quick and lack nuance but I think they are helpful for my church, and I believe after speaking with many other pastors they reflect many of their thoughts as well.

Try Not to Ignore this Moment

Pastor Bryndon Glass from SPAN Ministries and I during our first racial-reconciliation event together called the Crossover years ago. Dear Church,  It goes without saying that we are living in a troubling and polarized moment in history.  We have been locked down because of Covid-19, some have lost people they love and many are now without … Continue reading Try Not to Ignore this Moment

Our Mission is Still the Same, Coronavirus or Not

Pastor Josh checks in with everyone to let you know what's going on in our church and to remind you that in the midst of the pandemic, we are still the CHURCH. View his video message below, or scroll down to read an edited transcription. Pastor Josh checking in with you. Edited transcription of … Continue reading Our Mission is Still the Same, Coronavirus or Not

Easter 2020—A Glimpse of Heaven

"This is and will always be a highlight in my ministry career.”Rev. Pastor Scott M. Low, Tallmadge United Methodist Church Those are the words of Rev. Scott M. Low who has been in the ministry for more than 29 years and has been the pastor of Tallmadge United Methodist Church since 2016.  Other pastors have … Continue reading Easter 2020—A Glimpse of Heaven