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Temporary Homeschool–Permanent Purpose

Everyone has now found themselves in completely uncharted waters, working from home while trying to manage a household, or still going to work while kids are at home on their own.

Christmas isn’t About Family—But it is FOR Them.

As I was on my way to the gym, I pressed #4 on the dash of my car, which tunes me into a local Christian worship station. This time of year, it plays mostly Christmas music. Between songs there was a segment where listeners were asked, “What is Christmas about?” Voices responded over and over with, “family.” Oh, a few said “gifts,” lights,” “friends.” One or two even said “Jesus,” but the vast majority answered with “family.” Hearing this didn’t surprise me at all. What came next did.

Who is a Good First Church Children’s Serve Team Member?

In the past, a Sunday school teacher often reminded you of a school teacher. They had to be skilled and creative at bringing the Bible stories alive as well as crafty and able to lead music. Now, we look for those who are willing to listen more than speak. We want small group leaders who explore the Bible for answers with the kids rather than have prepared answers.

5 Reasons To Join A Bible Study

When we moved to Northeast Ohio six years ago, the loneliness set in hard and I found myself longing for home and family. I had my first child shortly after we moved, and even though family came and visited there was still a void in our lives. We were new at our church and found, … Continue reading 5 Reasons To Join A Bible Study

Women in Ministry?

Yesterday Pastor John MacArthur made headlines for some very poorly chosen words about Beth Moore and her ministry.  I had a number of different people send me an article about his comments wanting to know what I thought about his comments and the topic of women in leadership positions in the church.   First, MacArthur's and his … Continue reading Women in Ministry?

The Belonging: Making sure young adults know that they belong in NEO.

In Northeast Ohio we are trying to reverse a problem that many of our congregations have been facing for years: young adults leaving our congregations and/or feeling like they don’t belong.  There are a number of reasons for this trend, a large one we’ve found is that once students graduate from high school, many churches don’t … Continue reading The Belonging: Making sure young adults know that they belong in NEO.

What I Learned from My Trip to Guatemala

Many of us have been in church when a missionary is home on furlough and is invited to speak. I’ve always enjoyed hearing about their experiences, viewing slides and learning what God is doing in tough places. I’ve often wondered what makes a good missionary, what does God look for in a person who He … Continue reading What I Learned from My Trip to Guatemala

5 Reasons to Host a Small Group in your Home

By Emily Deeter If I think about it for too long I can come up with probably a hundred reasons NOT to host small group at our house. Seriously. Six years ago, when I was close to having our first baby, Josh suggested that we host a small group at our house. I scoffed (audibly). … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Host a Small Group in your Home

Welcome to First Church’s blog

I want to welcome you to the First Church blog. This blog is replacing our newsletter, but will have similar information that you were used to getting in the newsletter.  It will feature articles that teach and information that updates.  We will share what we believe and how you can live pleasing to Christ here.  It will also … Continue reading Welcome to First Church’s blog