Living Out [Y]Our Mission in 2021

As 2020 comes to an end (and we say, “Good riddance!), it’s time to start preparing for 2021. Every year our church encourages you to live the mission statement of our church: Know God, Belong,Live with Purpose and Spread God's Love. Here are some practical ways to practice [y]our mission, as we all hope to … Continue reading Living Out [Y]Our Mission in 2021

Jesus vs. the Easter Bunny

Jesus, who was a real person, typically takes a backseat to a make-believe Easter Bunny. And we celebrate that same make-believe Rabbit handing out eggs from Chickens that we colored ourselves. Traditions I grew up loving and will probably do with my own son. A tradition birthed by retail stores, not the Church.

Who is a Good First Church Children’s Serve Team Member?

In the past, a Sunday school teacher often reminded you of a school teacher. They had to be skilled and creative at bringing the Bible stories alive as well as crafty and able to lead music. Now, we look for those who are willing to listen more than speak. We want small group leaders who explore the Bible for answers with the kids rather than have prepared answers.